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Pre-packaged Urban libraries available now

To view a music list of songs in our format, click each list below. To download your copy of any list to your local hard drive, right click and pick Save Link As. If you don’t want the entire library, pick your songs by marking ‘X’ in the far left column. You’ll only pay for those you do want.


3163 songs for $4,200

Classic R&B

1,501 songs for $2,250

Urban AC

662 songs top 50 year end from 2006-19 for $800

Urban AC Large

3438 songs for $4,500

Urban Christmas

340 songs for $400 or half price if ordered with an Urban library

Hip Hop & Rap

904 songs for $1,200

Rhythmic 2018-2006

833 songs for $1,000

Charts for Reference

View charts of the Top 50 Urban Songs by year from 2018 to 2006:


I’ve made several requests for songs they would surely have to dig in the “dust bag” to find. They’ve found every one, no issues! This company is extremely responsive to the customer’s needs. They’ve pulled us out a pickle more than once. I was pleasantly surprised!

Taylor Morgan

107.7 Jamz