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Pre-packaged Rock libraries available now

To view a music list of songs in our format, click each list below. To download your copy of any list to your local hard drive, right click and pick Save Link As. If you don’t want the entire library, pick your songs by marking ‘X’ in the far left column. You’ll only pay for those you do want.


1,442 songs for $1,900

Alternative Rock - Large

3,949+ songs for $4,660

Alternative Rock - Medium

2,578 songs for $3,050

Alternative Rock - Small

1,174 songs for $1,400

Classic Rock

2042 songs for $2,400

Rock 2015-06

550 listed songs for $650
2016 & newer Rock charts not found but songs are available – provide your own lists at extra cost

Active Rock 2018-06

650+ songs for $775

Gen X Hybrid

Mix of Alternative and Rock – $750

Charts for Reference

View charts of the Top 50 Rock Songs by year from 2019 to 2006:


UncompressedMusic has become another member of our programming team. They provided all of our music when Saga launched Big Mubck Country 106.9 in Milwaukee on short notices. Now, whenever I need two or twenty more songs, I get them quickly after my request.

Lauri Jones

Big Buck Country 106.9 | Jammin' 98.3