Limited Warranty

You’ve found the highest quality radio music source, and our libraries include a 100% satisfaction limited warranty

Although the radio friendly percentage of our music is extremely high — far, far higher than any other source we’ve ever heard about — we can not guarantee 100% squeaky clean versions.


100% Satisfaction Limited Warranty:

If any song we deliver isn’t exactly what you want, tell us how to improve it and — upon request — we will repair or replace any song with which you aren’t completely satisfied. If we can’t satisfy your request, we will refund your money for that specific song. 

Although we take pride in our high quality and high percentage of radio versions of hit songs, we recommend you have a responsible person at the station listen to and approve every song prior to broadcast. is “a record store.”  NOT a programming consultant or music director.  We make no recommendation that you should or should not play any particular version of any song.  All programming decisions are up to you. 

Under no circumstances will we pay for lost profits, lost or corrupted programming or data, consequential, indirect, special, or punitive damages of any kind. If a court finds the prior restriction does not apply for any reason, then total damages are hereby limited to the money actually paid for the portion of songs not replaced to your satisfaction. 

This Limited Warranty is in lieu of any other warranty, expressed or implied, including without limitation, any warranty of merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose. To the extent any implied warranty is required by law, it is limited in duration to 30 days after delivery. 

Music and dubbing services are only available to broadcasters with valid music performance licenses such as government-licensed radio stations and Internet streams that pay for Sound Exchange licenses.

Listeners call on a daily basis praising our extensive library. These are quality cuts we don’t hear on other stations. UncompressedMusic is fabulous!

Steven Salter

WHPH The Peach