Pricing & Delivery

Get Perfect Automation Segues for Fast Format Changes

Our Music Libraries Always Include

True CD-Quality

We provide you with the best quality WAVE music library. Your automation-ready songs include perfect auto-segue timing for YOUR brand of system.

Fast & Easy Import

Fast and easy one-touch import of your entire library that includes meta data including titles, artists, intro time, segue length, and ending with no typing.

Radio Friendly

Consistent audio levels on all songs. Radio versions and at no extra cost, longer bonus versions for short/long, studio/live, more FCC-friendly lyrics.

Delivery by Internet or Mail

We’ll deliver your music library via FTP, Dropbox or similar Internet delivery at the standard rates.

Flash drive postpaid by USPS First Class Mail adds $25 per 30 GB, which is approximately 700-800 songs.


Buying Your Music Library

Pick the songs you want from your lists or ours:

  • 1,000+ songs – $1.29 per song
  • 200-999 songs – $1.50 per song
  • 100-199 songs – $1.75 per song
  • 3-99 songs – $2.00 per song (limited time special, subject to change without notice)

Again, the flash drives option with shipping includes a USPS surcharge.

With our usual volume of orders, normal delivery can range for same day to up to a week. Delivery quote are available on request when you order.

We Accept Credit Cards

Click here to view our credit card slip.

W9 Form

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Song File Names & Peak Levels

Song file names are normally Artist – Title.wav. Upon request, we can name Title – Artist.wav or consecutively number from any starting number you want.

Peak levels are -6dB (as viewed in Adobe Audition). Other peaks are available as special order. We will send a few test files at no charge upon request prior to delivery or order.


Frequent Small Order Plans

  • Prepay $50, draw 3 or more per order for up to 16 songs. If you order fewer than 3 we charge your account for three.
  • Prepay $100, draw 3 or more per order for up to 40 songs. If you order fewer than 3 we charge your account for three.
  • Prepay $300, draw any number per order for up to 200 songs.

Custom Order Discounts

We offer package formats based on airplay monitors that you can customize! You’ll only pay for the music you’ll play.

They sound GREAT! We will use you every time we need a new cut!

Scott Richards

107 The Ranch