Country Libraries

Pre-packaged New & Classic Country libraries available now

To view a music list of songs in our format, click each list below. To download your copy of any list to your local hard drive, right click and pick Save Link As. If you don’t want the entire library, pick your songs by marking ‘X’ in the far left column. You’ll only pay for those you do want.

Classic Country Large

3,400+ “Play Everything” Country classics for $3,500, includes all songs in Classic Country Safe List plus ~2,000 more


Only about 65 songs, but useful for a weekend feature for only $95

Country 2019-2000

1,571 songs for $1,900

Country 1960-1999

Small package of 1,196 songs all prior to 2000 for $1,400

Charts for Reference

View charts of the Top 50 Country Songs by year from 2019 to 2006:


“We got our format change library from UncompressedMusic and we sound great!  The sweepers, etc. are laying over perfectly.  I am astounded!”

Bubba Black

105.9 The Bull, Stockton, CA